Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buying a Treadmill (dreadmill)

As you might know, Matt and I recently purchased a new house. It is about 45 minutes south of Boston which makes the commute a bit longer but it is exactly what we are looking for. I really enjoy having guests over and the kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests.

But, as beautiful as the house is, its in the middle of nowhere. A mile down the street is a state park that has beautiful trails but our road has no sidewalks and it is a winding road. So, we decided that it would not be safe to run early in the morning on our road, and it would not be safe to run the trails at five in the morning alone, and because of this we purchased a treadmill. I am not very excited to run on a treadmill but I know that it is a better idea.

If you are a runner, what do you prefer? Running outside or inside?

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  1. Running alone outside always freaks me out when I'm at home (rather than at my apartment in Boston). If at home, I'll run on my parents' treadmill, but I prefer to run outside. In Boston, I feel comfortable running alone pretty much anytime of day (a little difficult when there's a lot of people out and about, though). I most enjoy running outside at home, though, with a friend.